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Cold Email Prospecting Webinar

Cold emailing training for B2B sales teams, marketers and business owners.

Bryan Kreuzberger from Breakthrough Email is an acknowledged expert on the topic of cold email for B2B sales. He recently sat down with Sandler Training President & CEO, Dave Mattson to share his cold email practices—

  • The best places to find leads;
  • How to write your subject line; and
  • Software tools you can use to automate the cold email process.

Everything you need to know to set more meetings with your ideal prospects!

Do you struggle with…

  • Getting prospects to take you seriously and listen to your message?
  • Getting your prospects to answer the phone and engage in a conversation?
  • Navigating past receptionists and other gate-keepers to get to decision-makers?

Explore some of today's top-performing programmes to see if we're a fit for you.