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Fear is a survival instinct but in modern life the times for fear should be greatly reduced in the day-to-day, and definitely in a business environment.

In fact it may be that fear is actively holding you back in a business environment where such trepidation over taking risks is unnecessary and serves little purpose.

While fear of a physical injury or a very real threat to livelihood is one thing, being worried about approaching a potential client or chasing down a deal is often misplaced.

In a business environment taking risks is all too often the route to growth. By failing to take irrational fears in hand and push for better outcomes success can remain elusive.

Identify when and how to take risks

Rather than stand still or sit back fearful of the worst outcome it pays to learn techniques, behaviours and attitudes that can identify when a risk is worth taking and that will embolden business owners and sales teams to take that risk.

Sandler Training offers a pathway away from that fear of failure by helping sales managers and business owners learn a winning attitude that builds a resilience when it comes to taking risks that could pay off.

By promoting good self-esteem as well as teaching techniques and behaviours linked to positive risk-taking the Sandler Training No Guts, No Gain course will put new goals in reach.

Uncover a winning attitude

When there is a deal to be made there will be a winner and by taking a risk that deal could be yours. If your sales team knows an opportunity is worth taking – and that the worst outcome is not going to actually leave the company in a worse position – then they need to be equipped to chase down that deal.

Likewise it pays to know when to stand your ground. Business works both ways and if the deal on the table is not good enough don’t be afraid to walk away.

Saying no to a deal that will not serve the interests of a business or individual in the long-term is very probably worth the risk. The fear of failing to strike a deal should not exist to the point where a level playing field no longer exists.

Don’t let fear be a barrier to success

Teaching employees techniques and attitudes that will give them the confidence to deal with situations confidently will put them on the right path to meeting company goals efficiently.

A fear of failure should not be a barrier to success. Let Sandler Training show that risk-taking is essential to moving forward with the No Guts, No Gain programme. For more information on the No Guts, No Gain course get in touch today.

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