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If you don’t believe in your product no-one else will – this well tested saying carries a lot of weight because it really is true.

Confidence is contagious. If you exude confidence when discussing your business that translates into potential customers also having confidence in your product – and more importantly being willing to invest in it.

But what happens when you have every faith in your product but fail to put that into words? This can be the difference when it comes to making a success of your business.

Verbal communication is hugely important in getting the word out. Even in our technology-reliant society networking events hold huge sway and face-to-face discussions are essential to negotiations.

Get on message

There is no room for fumbled explanations instead you need to have a go-to message that lets you convey quickly and easy exactly what it is that your business does – and why potential customers should be interested.

Sandler Training will help business owners, managers and sales people find a verbal communication method that works for them and work to hone messages that can be used time and time again to great effect.

The first step is to get on message to describe exactly what your business does. People do not want the hard sell, they do not want a blow-by-blow account of how you came to set up a business. What they are interested in is just that - exactly what you do.

Think of the ideal response as a 30 second advert explaining what your company does and how it can help. Keep it simple and ditch the jargon. A good message will work in any situation, it just needs thought and practice to get it right.

Ask questions for potential customers

The next step is to tap into the needs of potential customers. Rather than reel off a verbal showpiece of products take time to think what your ideal customers would be looking for and craft questions to ask that open up a conversation that begins with them expressing an interest.

This will take time and thought but it will certainly be worth it, rather than offering a product you will instead be addressing a void.

When setting out to strike a deal or even just when meeting prospects for the first time it is important that whatever your role you pitch yourself on an even level to the person whose custom you are looking to secure.

Whether a salesperson addressing a managing director or a buyer the role you have is that of equals – you are both essential to a deal being struck and have a part to play. Don’t let job titles blindside you.

Finally be prepared to hear a ‘no’. You can’t win them all this is a reality of working life. Accepting that even your best efforts will at times be met with a negative response will help you to relax and see this as a natural part of the business process.

To find out more about how a positive approach and confidence techniques could help you achieve better results this free download details five secrets for personal and professional growth.

To find out more about how Sandler Training can help to unlock the potential of your workforce get in touch.

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