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When businesses start, it is often for the passion and skill of producing an end product or service that makes the clients life better.

That skill is often built by years of training, practice and experience. That’s where a business five a day comes into play. Everything we do to promote our business is an action that we are monitoring for a result. There are broadly five activities we must regularly work on to promote our business.

If we think of a fishing analogy, our five a day would typically look like:

Marketing, putting your boat where the fish is.
Advertising, A big sign on the boat, saying, “we have bait here!”
The internet, Painting on the bottom of the boat, pictures of bait, with an invite, to interact on the subject.
Networking, Meeting people who may be able to give you a fish, but you should be able to give them one too.
Putting the bait on a hook and actually fishing.
Marketing, Advertising and Internet, we often hand over to professionals and we aggressively wait for the phone to ring or our inbox to light up.

Networking is building relationships and hoping that someone understands enough about your business to be able to occasionally throw you a bone while they go about their own business.

Prospecting is where the serious work starts. Even Steve Jobs had to work the phone at the beginning. While all steps are part of a good business balance, the prospecting part is often used as the last resort to developing your business. I think a lot of it comes down to confidence. Are we doing the right thing? What happens if we get it wrong? What if the prospect rejects our advances? How will we feel when we are rejected? I know this is the case as these are the questions I asked myself. The phone that was easy to pick up to speak to people we know now becomes elephant in the room that is impossible to pick up to speak to strangers.

However, if you understand that you are doing the right things. You can accept that failure during prospecting is just part of the journey to success. You then have the confidence to continue without feeling crushed.

We at Sandler Training give you the tools to prospect in the right way, we help you to maintain a good attitude while doing it and then the skills to get a premium price for your premium service. I hold regular masterclasses to show you how to prospect, disqualify time wasters and tyre kickers and close deals at a higher profit than ever before.

Let’s talk!

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