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Many business owners and leaders believe that “training doesn’t work.” They’re right: a one off, ‘quick fix’ 2 day or two week training session doesn’t work.

Take tennis, for example. I played in my teens, but nothing since. Recently, I found a tennis coach and I’ve committed to two visits a week to the tennis court.

I’ve made some advances. My coach showed me how to hold a racket so that I can hit the ball with the right timing. She developed my forehand swing so I am able to find the right position for maximum strength in the wrist.

After six weeks of hard work, a light goes on. The various elements of the game begin to come together. I don’t have to think about every little thing.

I ask my coach, “Will I be ready to join the county team soon?”

Her reply: “Well for someone who starts tennis as an adult, practicing for an hour twice a week, it will take about three years.”

I was stunned but I realised that she was right. To reach a semi-pro level was going to take work. I wish I could fix my game by just attending a two day tennis boot camp, but I can’t.

Today, we are influenced by the ‘quick fix’ society. Neuroscience research confirms that our brain needs repetition over time to learn. Brain imaging studies show we do more unconscious practicing of what we are learning when it is spaced out and reinforced over time.

This is true for whatever new skill we want develop, whether it’s to become a doctor, lawyer, and engineer or upgrade sales or leadership skills.

It takes time to develop game changing skills. A coach will put you on the right path and your determination and commitment will take your skills to a professional level.

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