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I often ask myself: “why does business growth never follow a straight line curve on the graph?” Do you remember the (sometimes somewhat theoretical or idealised) business plan you wrote when you first set out on your business venture. Perhaps the growth was modest, or perhaps wildly ambition, or perhaps something in but most probably in a straight line? And yet it never is in real life.

For some, month to month sales look more like the chaotic line of a stock market. A roller coaster of sales success followed by sales drought.

For other’s it looks more like “steps”. We seem to make “jumps” and then plateau a bit until the next “jump”.

I don’t suppose these sound familiar?

What cause those jumps or blips? Is it a big new client perhaps, new opportunities, new processes? Possibly – More likely that jump was caused by something prior to the actual upward move. Your attitude or your beliefs.

Self-limiting beliefs created downwards slides (to self-correct, since after all, I might be good, but not that good) and plateaus. Moving off a plateau requires a belief that it is possible. Sometimes the ‘rest’ gives you time for your attitude to catch up and then you are ready for the next step forward.

Given this, it follows that if you want to smooth out the line and achieve consistent growth you need to focus on your attitude.

Let’s test that theory. Given your current belief about yourself, your business or product or price and your market, can you succeed in your endeavour?

Have you worked out why you do what you do? Do you know your real purpose?

How will your life look like in 5 years’ time? Work, family, social, personal?

Why cannot you have that life now? What stops you? What beliefs are holding you back?

Now you can plan for the quantum jump.

Where do you need to be in business terms in say 3 years?
What do you need to change or do to hit that?
What are the markers along the way?
What do you need to do right now to start that journey now?
Let your local Sandler trainer know if/when you made that jump. Or ask them for help to do so if you are still getting ready.

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